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Name: Trixie Fontaine: I was born on March 17th, 1973 and became a self-professed WebWhore in the year 2000. I make homemade autobiographical porn with my wife, Delia. I didn't think I would love my kindle, but I do . . . and realize at forty that new technology and platforms for self-publishing are invitations to do work that seemed impossibly impractical when I was a teenager.

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    A fifth-generation Western Washingtonian, I spent the first twenty years of my life in the valley below what you’d recognize as Twin Peaks. Now I live farther north, farther west: across the Salish Sea, in a town that used to have a whorehouse my grandpa visited when he was logging.

    The West is still a place, and still in its own distinct time. You haven’t heard all of its stories. I want more stories from here and now and then and legend.






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    Read my nonfiction piece (first published in $pread magazine): Menstruation: Porn’s Last Taboo in this Best Sex Writing anthology.

    Read my erotic short: Fast Car, Not for Sale in this anthology.

    Collect early portions of my blog in The Mammoth Book of Sex Diaries.

    In progress / upcoming work to be self-published, and best read on a Kindle:

    SOUND BUSINESS ADVICE from a Failing WebWhore (nonfiction)

    Mansion of Filth (fiction & first in trilogy, to be followed by Tainted Inheritance and Legacy of Corruption)

    Invalid Fantasies (shorts)

    Ms. Trixie’s Rooming House for Emancipated Girls (fiction)

    Kewping Up (fiction)

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So far // I'm a working photographer, webmaster & designer, blogger, pornographer, camgirl, phone sex operator, "model" and internet entrepreneur. I call this being a "webwhore". I have been a WebWhore since the year 2000. I wrote The WebWhore Manifesto (which is too outdated to link to now). So far: I am not a working writer.. I kept thinking I'd start writing when I "succeeded" as a webwhore. Now I'm forty+. At forty, success means fearlessly deciding to do whatever the fuck kind of work I want and was afraid I didn't have time for before. I'm excited to start layering more intentional stories onto my body of work.

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    I’ve lived near Seattle all my life. But never IN Seattle.

    Until now!

    We’re not planning to live here full time, but we now have an official address that qualified me to get a library card:

    Seattle public library card

    The beautiful Seattle public library.

    It was so exciting! One of my tween-to-teenaged dreams come true, having an actual city library to walk to. And not just any library, but such a beautiful structure.

    I never would have imagined loving this building if someone had described it to me, but I was in love the first time I saw it. And once inside? There is a grand futuristic dork spookiness about it that’s surreal in a way that surprised me by being magical rather than off-putting, which is saying a lot coming from someone who usually abhors fluorescent lighting and yearns for cozy enveloping spaces. And now I get to go there lots and lots! And borrow the things that live inside it!

    I loved getting to choose from six options of what to have pictured on my card (it was between The Mountain and The Building for me, but ultimately no contest).

    The only thing that saddened my technophobic heart: NO DUE DATE STAMPS.

    Instead you can ask for a receipt with your due date printed on it. I love ink pads and the feel/sound of the inking and stamping (or watching someone else ink and stamp) and the crookedy way the numbers turn out. On the bright side, the receipt makes an immediate bookmark, which is pretty awesome. It’s a real loss, though, not getting the voyeuristic opportunity to see how many times other people have checked out a book, or know approximately when the last time was somebody borrowed it. Fortunately I live in two places and the other one still has stamps so I get to HAVE IT ALL! Including late fines and the threat of being sent to collections if they exceed $25 . . . something I don’t have to worry about in our other home town. Which reminds me: I actually had a Seattle Public Library card before this. It was called a Q-Card then, I think. But I never lived close enough to conveniently use it. Errrr . . . return books on time.


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    Fiddling with this new site design.

    Wondering if I should have some boobs and naked stuff on here or not.

    Leaning towards yes, but wondering how much and in what context(s) and at what ratio (to not-naked) and with how much warning.


    While I’d like to have more work-safe websites (and this seems like one perfect opportunity to keep things visually “clean”), I can’t represent myself in a way I can be proud if I ignore my ongoing work in adult and the body of  images and stories of myself represented in them. Plus I don’t see myself writing “clean”, so what would be the point?

    Oh yeah. So I’ll qualify for mainstream / non-adult traffic more easily.

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